Pet Hotel

* The name of the international terminal, station and parking lot will change from 14 March 2020. Please check the web page "More Flights. More Fan." for detail.

Pet Hotel (International Terminal Parking Area, 1F)

After pets are left in our care, they are taken to the pet hotel in domestic car park P4. As well as accommodation facilities, the pet hotel also has indoor and outdoor dog runs. To ensure safe transportation, we only accept small dogs, cats and small animals. The dog runs provide safe, stress-free environments for dogs to run and play without a leash. Trimming services are also available during the stay.
Use of this facility is by reservation only.
For reservations and inquiries, please call the Haneda Airport Pet Hotel on 03-5756-7111.
We recommend that customers reserve a parking space at the international terminal car park which is conveniently located near the pet hotel reception desk.

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