Information for Hearing-Impaired Visitors

Help Desk

  • Tokyo International Air Terminal Information
  • Telephone: 03-6428-0888
  • Fax: 03-6428-0889
  • Service Hours: 24 hours a day, every day

Information Counter

  • Information Counter

If you experience any difficulties, approach one of the Information Counters marked with a question mark.
You can also borrow wheelchairs and baby carriages at these counters.

We also have writing communication boards and communication support boards available for visitors with hearing or speech disabilities. Magnetic hearing aid loops are available at the third-floor Information Counter.


  • Concierge

Our terminal staff include concierges who are available at each Information Counter and in the terminal lobby, ready to assist you.
Our concierges are identifiable by the distinctive jade-green uniforms they wear.
Don’t hesitate to ask one of them for assistance if you encounter any difficulty.

Flight Information Boards

  • Flight Information Boards

Flight information boards have been placed along the departing passenger flows and provide timely information on your check-counter and flight status.
For hearing-impaired customers, emergency information, rail delays and suspensions as well as broadcast information are displayed in text at the bottom of the flight information boards.

Assistance Services

We have assistance services available for the elderly and visitors with physical disabilities.
Departing visitors can receive assistance getting from anywhere in the International Terminal (the train station, the bus and taxi stands, the parking lot, etc.) up to the check-in counter of the airline they’re flying with, while visitors who are arriving can receive assistance getting from the arrival lobby to anywhere within the International Terminal.
(Airline staff will provide assistance from the check-in counter to the boarding gate, and from the arrival gate to the arrival lobby.)

Visitors who need assistance should contact the nearest Information Counter or concierge.
Assistance can also be requested through the terminal’s information phones.

We accept prior reservations for assistance services.

Writing Communication Boards and Communication Support Boards

  • Writing Communication Board
  • Communication Support Board

Each Information Counter has writing communication boards, writing paper and communication support boards.
They are also available at airline check-in counters, security checkpoints, and passport control.

Magnetic Hearing Aid Loops

  • Magnetic Hearing Aid Loops

Magnetic hearing aid loops are available at the third-floor Information Counter.
Please let us know if you require one.

Ordinary and Multipurpose Toilets

Ordinary Toilets

  • Ordinary Toilets

Ordinary toilets in the restrooms have a wider space than normal to allow comfortable use for all customers, including manual wheelchair users and customers carrying a suitcase. As an alert for customers with hearing difficulty in the case of an emergency, flashlights that can be activated in conjunction with fire alarms and the emergency broadcasting system are provided in the restrooms.

Multipurpose Toilets

  • Multipurpose Toilets

All restrooms have one or two multipurpose toilets.

Multipurpose toilets allow comfortable use for a wide range of customers, including wheelchair users, elderly persons, ostomates, and customers with infants and toddlers. These cubicles are equipped with a variety of facilities, such as a diaper changing table, a multipurpose bed, a changing platform, an ostomate shower and sink, as well as an emergency button to contact the Disaster Control Center in the case of an emergency.

Restrooms for Assistance Dogs

  • Restrooms for Assistance Dogs

There is a special restroom for assistance dogs (seeing-eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and partner dogs) next to the Information Counter on the first floor inside the terminal.
To use it, contact the nearest Information Counter or concierge.


  • Elevators
  • Hearing Button

Our elevators are equipped with LCD monitors for providing textual information. During an emergency, this monitor will provide relevant information.
There is also a “Hearing Button” that hearing-impaired occupants can press during an emergency to inform those outside of their presence. When the “Hearing Button” is pressed, a staff member will immediately respond by bringing writing materials.

Parking Lots and Parking Discounts

Handicapped Pick-up & Set-down Zones

Shuttle Buses to Domestic Terminals

  • Shuttle Buses to Domestic Terminals

A free low-floor shuttle bus runs between the International Terminal, Domestic Terminal 1, and Domestic Terminal 2.

Medical Clinics, Pharmacies and Police

Assistance from Airlines and Transit Services

For assistance from airlines or transit services, contact the airline or transit service directly.