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Privacy Policy

All personal information is handled by us in accordance with the following principles.

Policies for the Safeguarding of Personal Information

Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation (hereinafter called "the Corporation") fully understands the social requirements for protecting personal information, and considers promoting the proper handling of personal information to be a serious social obligation.

The Corporation completely fulfills those obligation, and in order to continue being a company that everyone can trust, has instituted the following basic policies and works hard to safeguard personal information.

The Corporation handles personal information in a proper manner that is in complete compliance with all rules and regulations with regard to the safeguarding of personal information.
The Corporation clarifies the purposes for which personal information is to used, and then handles that information properly, using it only within the scope that is required for successfully carrying out those purposes. In addition, the Corporation endeavors to ensure that the personal information it retains is accurate and up-to-date.
The Corporation has instituted a system of responsibility with a manager in charge of personal information safeguards, in order to provide proper administration of personal information.
The Corporation carries out the required education and training of employees involved in handling personal information as well as proper supervision over those employees. In addition, whenever personal information is entrusted to an outside party, proper management and supervision over the outside party's handling of that personal information is ensured through the signing of confidentiality agreements.
The Corporation engages in all necessary safety measures and consults with all standards and guidelines in order to ensure the safety of personal information.
The Corporation continiually works to improve its management systems, safety measures, and all other measures required in order to promote the safeguarding of personal information.

Policies regarding specific cases of information handling

The Corporation, when contacted by an individual, will use the following types of personal information only within the scope required for improving its services and as necessary for responding to the contents of the inquiry, request, or other communication it receives.

  • The name, address, telephone number, and email address of individuals who submit inquiries or requests
  • Other pieces of information included in the contents of an inquiry or request that could be considered personal information

Sharing personal information with third parties

The Corporation will not share a customer's personal information with a third party without that customer's consent. However, exceptions may be made in the following cases.

The Corporation is permitted to do so by law.
The information is entrusted to a third party only as is necessary for the Corporation to carry out its tasks.
(In such cases, proper supervision of the party entrusted with the information is carried out in order to ensure the safe management of the entrusted personal information.)

Furthermore, the Corporation understands the importance of rigidly safeguarding in an equal manner not just personal information but also information relating to corporations and other groups who are considered customers. The Corporation handles information related to such groups in a proper manner in the same way it handles personal information.