Massage and Personal Care

Shower Rooms

Shower Rooms (Arrival Lobby, 2nd Floor)


  • Shower Rooms

15 Shower cubicles

Available 24 hours


  • Per person ¥1,030/30min.
  • ¥520 for each 15min. thereafter

* As of September 1, 2016.

* Towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap and dryer provided.

* Charge:Toothbrush, Razor, Skin care set

  • Telephone: 03-6428-0650
    * Please note that we do not accept reservations.

@TIAT STATION (Massage chairs)

@TIAT STATION (Massage chairs) Various locations in the area after outbound passport control


Refreshment Salon

Raffine Relaxation Space (EDO KO-JI, 4F)


  • Raffine Relaxation Space
    Raffine is a relaxation salon for all customers, including first timers .
    We offer body care and reflexology to ease your fatigue.

    Raffine Relaxation Spaceopens in a separate window

  • Telephone: 03-5755-9371
  • Open Hours: 8:00~22:00(reception until 21:20)



  • NEW RAFFINE Relaxation Space
    This is NEW RAFFINE which is the second RAFFINE in HANEDA Airport International Passenger Terminal.
    We are preparing a short course from 15 minutes.

    NEW RAFFINE Relaxation Spaceopens in a separate window

  • Telephone: 03-5755-9521
  • Open Hours: 9:00~22:00(reception until 21:20)

Transit Hotel

Transit Hotel access from Gate 114 on the 3rd floor airside


When connecting from an overseas flight, why not avoid passport control formalities and head straight for accommodation at our transit hotel. Single, double and twin guest rooms are available as well as refresh rooms complete with shower facilities for use between connecting flights.

Or, why not take advantage of our lounge to relax with a snack, drink and a magazine, etc. until boarding time. Free of charge to guest room and refresh room users.

Provided the refresh rooms inside Transit Hotel

Shower, hairdryer, television, internet access (wired and wireless)


  • 2,000 yen for 1st hour
  • 1,000 yen per 30 mins thereafter

* As of 1 April 2018

List of refresh room amenities

  • Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush set
  • Hair brush
  • Cotton buds
  • Hand towel
  • Original transit hotel bath towel
  • Original transit hotel face washer
  • Shower cap
  • Slippers
  • Deodorant

In addition to refresh rooms, guest rooms with beds are also available.

Contact the following number for inquiries and reservations.

Contact Information