The name of the international terminal, station and parking lot will change from 14 March 2020.
Please check the web page "More Flights. More Fan."(opens in a separate window) for detail.

Other Facilities

Observation Deck

  • Observation Deck
  • Observation Deck
  • Observation Deck

The observation deck is an open, attractive and spacious area that allows customers to get a close view of planes landing and taking off against the backdrop of Tokyo’s expansive cityscape.

Open 24 hours

* May be closed due to weather or for security reasons. To confirm that the deck is open, please contact Tokyo International Airport Terminal information.

* Please be sure to dial the correct number.




  • TIAT SKY HALL(logo)

TIAT SKY HALL has the equipment respond to advanced production, can use for various uses.(Ex. Music live, talk show, press conference, film preview, fasion show, seminar, meeting)

Service Hours 00:00 – 24:00 (Inquiry hours 10:00 – 19:00)
* An advance reservation is required to use.
Inquiries 03-6428-0456
Seating capacity 400 people (standing)
230 people(taking seat)
* Please be sure to dial the correct number.
For more details of uses, please access as following URL.

TIAT Sky Road

TIAT Sky Road 5F


  • Model planes

Connecting TOKYO POP TOWN, Festival Plaza, and the observation decks on the 5th floor, this corridor features panels and model planes produced from various airlines. It outlines hopes for the future of airports, airplanes, and air travel.

Flight simulator(1)
Flight simulator(2)

Flight Simulators

TIAT Sky Road also has four flight simulators(Charges apply) where you can experience what it's like to be a pilot.

Convenience Store

Convenience Store LAWSON


Convenience stores are indispensable to our everyday lives, and are also available at Haneda Airport. You can purchase concert, theater and event tickets and pay utility bills at the convenience stores.

Drink Vending Machines

  • Drink Vending Machines

Drink vending machines can be found in various locations in the terminal. @TIAT STATIONs in the area beyond outbound passport control are equipped with drink vending machines and massage chairs, as well as PC desks and cell phone chargers. Please check the Internet and Cell Phone Rentals page for information regarding PC desks and cell phone chargers.

Smoking Spaces

  • the smoking bar
  • smoking

Smoking rooms are located inside the terminal building.

It is convenient for smokers to know where they can relax.

The terminal building

Floor Terminal
Public Airside
1F 6
Departure Bus Lounge
2F 2
3F 2
Arrival Concourse
4F 2
5F 1


Floor Parking Lot
1F 1
2F - 7F

Dry Cleaning Service

Dry Cleaning Service (Arrival Lobby, 2F)

  • Dry Cleaning Service (Arrival Lobby, 2F)
  • Dry cleaning and porter services are available in the arrival lobby on the 2nd floor.

  • Temporary Luggage Storage

    Prayer Room

    Prayer Room (Departure Lobby, 3F)


    • Prayer Room
    • Prayer Room
    • Prayer Room

    The prayers room is located at the international terminal departure lobby (before immigration on the 3rd floor).
    The room has a washing space for use before praying.

    Pet Hotel

    Pet Hotel (International Terminal Parking Area, 1F)


    • Pet Hotel Reception
    • Pet
    • Pet

    After pets are left in our care, they are taken to the pet hotel in domestic car park P4. As well as accommodation facilities, the pet hotel also has indoor and outdoor dog runs. To ensure safe transportation, we only accept small dogs, cats and small animals. The dog runs provide safe, stress-free environments for dogs to run and play without a leash. Trimming services are also available during the stay.

    Use of this facility is by reservation only.

    For reservations and inquiries, please call the Haneda Airport Pet Hotel on 03-5756-7111.

    We recommend that customers reserve a parking space at the international terminal car park which is conveniently located near the pet hotel reception desk.


    Ordinary Toilets

    • Ordinary Toilets

    Ordinary toilets in the restrooms of the building have a wider space than normal to allow comfortable use for all customers, including manual wheelchair users and customers carrying a suitcase.

    Each cubicle has a folding door, with a sign indicating the various facilities provided in the cubicle, such as a baby seat and a changing platform.

    Multipurpose Toilets

    • Multipurpose Toilets

    All restrooms have one or two multipurpose toilets.

    Multipurpose toilets allow comfortable use for a wide range of customers, including wheelchair users, elderly persons, ostomates, and customers with infants and toddlers. These cubicles are equipped with a variety of facilities, such as a diaper changing table, a multipurpose bed, a changing platform, an ostomate shower and sink, as well as an emergency button to contact the Disaster Control Center in the case of an emergency.

    Where two multipurpose toilets are provided, one cubicle's layout allows right-hand transfer to the toilet seat from a wheelchair, while the other allows left-hand transfer to the toilet seat.

    Floor Terminal
    Public Airside
    1F MAP MAP
    4F MAP -
    5F MAP -

    Restroom Layout Sign (Tactile Sign) & Audio Guidance

    • Restroom Layout Sign

    A restroom layout sign with Braille information is provided at the entrance of each restroom.

    Audio guidance is also provided at the restroom entrance to inform users whether it is the men's or the women's toilets and where the multipurpose toilet cubicle is located.

    Changing Platforms

    • Changing Platforms
    • Changing Platforms Pictogram

    Foldaway changing platforms are provided.


    • Flashlights

    As an alert for customers with hearing difficulty in the case of an emergency, flashlights that can be activated in conjunction with fire alarms and the emergency broadcasting system are provided in restrooms.

    Baby Chairs

    • Baby Chairs
    • Baby Chair Pictogram

    Baby chairs are provided in restrooms.

    Diaper Changing Tables

    • Diaper Changing Tables
    • Diaper Changing Table Pictogram

    Diaper changing tables are provided in the multipurpose toilets and baby nurseries.

    Ostomate Facilities

    • Ostomate Sink & Shower
    • Ostomate Facility Pictogram

    Multipurpose toilets and some ordinary toilets are equipped with an ostomate sink and shower.

    Multipurpose Beds

    • Multipurpose Beds
    • Multipurpose Beds Pictogram

    Each multipurpose toilet is equipped with a large multipurpose bed to allow helpers to assist a disabled person.

    Emergency Button

    • Emergency Button

    Each multipurpose toilet cubicle is equipped with an emergency button to alert the Disaster Control Center in the case of an emergency.

    Urinals for Infant Boys

    • Urinals for Infant Boys

    Urinals for infant boys are provided in the women's restrooms.


    Mailboxes are in the following locations.

    • Just outside the entrance A (1F) MAP
    • Inside Air Lawson (1F, Entrance Plaza) MAP
    • Against check-in counter F (3F, Departure Lobby) MAP

    * There are mailboxes in the terminal but no post office.
     If necessary, please use the post office in Domestic Terminal 1. opens in a separate window

    Stamps can be purchased at the following stores.

    Donation Boxes

    The donation boxes are in the following locations.

    • Information counter (3F/ Departure Lobby) MAP
    • In front of the immigration in central (3F/ Gates 109-111) MAP
    • In front of the immigration in north (3F/ Gates 112-114) MAP
    • Entrance of the food court (3F/ Gates 112-114) MAP
    • Baggage claim area (2F/ Arrival Area) MAP
    • Information counter(2F/ Arrival Lobby) MAP