Hotel and Transit Hotel

The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda

Hotel (Departure Lobby, 3F)


  • Hotel Lobby

Adjoined to departure lounge on 3rd floor, and preparing various type of guest rooms.
There are also a restaurant which can be used from early morning to midnight, and Refresh Room(*) which provided the shower space.

This is a video guide showing the route from the arrival lobby on the 2nd floor to Hotel.
Clicking on the graphic below will open the video (YouTube page) in a separate window.

a video showing the route to Hotel(opens in a separate window)

Transit Hotel (Gates 112-114, 3F)


  • Transit Lobby

When connecting from an overseas flight, why not avoid passport control formalities and head straight for accommodation at our transit hotel. Single, double and twin guest rooms are available as well as Refresh Room(*) complete with shower facilities for use between connecting flights.
Or, why not take advantage of our lounge to relax with a snack, drink and a magazine, etc. until boarding time. Free of charge to guest room and Refresh Room(*) users.

* More information on the Refresh Room can be found here.