Airport Information Details

Notice Concerning Behavior when Waiting to Greet Celebrities in the Departure Lobby

 TIAT strives to provide an airport environment which is convenient for our passengers and we ask that visitors to the airport refrain from any behavior that counteracts that or is counter to the International Passenger Terminal Operations Regulations.

 However, we find that there is some disturbing behavior (taking over lobby seating for long periods, unruliness, littering and interference with airport security, etc.) particularly in relation to groups waiting for celebrities to emerge, and we receive constant complaints from other airport users asking us to deal with the situation.

 Bearing in mind the need to take step to ensure that we can continue to provide an airport environment that is safe, secure and convenient to use, we will take the following steps if this disturbing behavior while waiting to greet celebrities continues.

 Partitions will be erected along routes used by celebrities to shield them from the public