Departures, Arrivals and Transfers

Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC)

Please refer to the About the Passenger Service Facilities Charge page for details regarding PSFC.

Security Checks

Departing passengers are asked to cooperate with security screening for aviation security.

  • See this page for more information on security checks.
  • Please check for detail about items banned for carriage and items restricted aboard aircraft with your airlines.
  • See this pagePDF for more information on carry-on liquids.

Security checks in this terminal are carried out in 2 locations at the central and north checkpoints. MAP

Tax Refund

There are no tax refund counters. Purchases at duty free prices can be made at the duty free stores.

Please show your record of purchase along with your passport at the Customs counter when departing. MAP
(The record of purchase will be collected at Customs.)

Inquiries Regarding Passport Control, Duty-free Allowance and Visas

Please contact the relevant inquiry desk below.

Inbound and outbound passport control Haneda Airport District Immigration Office
Duty free allowance Haneda Branch Customs
Visas Please contact your embassy for inquiries regarding visas.
Conditions for temporary entry while in transit It depends on your nationality and itinerary.
Please contact the Haneda Airport District Immigration Office and your airline.

Use of Lounges

Airline lounges, credit card company lounges and common airline lounges are available.
See this page for a list of lounges.
Please contact your airline or credit card company for information on conditions for using the lounges.

Transit Hotel

A transit hotel is available for use by passengers between connections.
Access to the hotel entrance is via the escalators or elevator opposite the TOKYO SKY KITCHEN adjacent to Gate 114 on the 3rd floor in airside area.


Information on Carry-on Liquids

  • There are restrictions on liquids that can be brought on board the aircraft. Click herePDF for further information.
  • Please note that for passengers with connecting flights, liquids including duty free items will be subject to rules at the connecting country. Please contact your airline for information on countries where liquid restrictions apply.