The International Terminal's “Excellent Service” taxi stand

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The taxi stand at the international terminal in Haneda Airport is constantly receiving foreign passengers for easy travel and sightseeing access throughout Tokyo.
The “Excellent Service” taxi stand waiting at Haneda Airport offers useful fixed fares, as well as taxis equipped with foreign language communication cards which explain taxi services. The drivers are also limited to those who have completed a course in “omotenashi”, an important ideal of Japanese hospitality. An additional lane has been included solely for drivers who have completed a course in English communication with foreign passengers, allowing an even smoother transition between the airport and the Tokyo streets.
For drivers looking to improve their status, we are implementing a certification exam. Those who pass will be officially declared as "English Certified Drivers".

Fixed Fares can be applied

Depending on your destination, fixed fares can be applied. For more details, please see the Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association webpage.
Additionally, for information on fixed fares in the Keihin area (Yokohama, Kawasaki, Yokosuka, or Miura), please see the Kanagawa Taxi Association webpage.

Taxi Rankings

Excellent Driver
Excellent Driver's Taxi
Tokyo has already been named by TripAdvisor as best in the world in overall taxi services, but to promote an even better taxi service, Tokyo Taxi Center has implemented a service and safety evaluation for its drivers. Drivers with outstanding records and outstanding behavior receive superior evaluations, are awarded an “Excellent Driver” certificate, and are recognized as model taxi drivers.