The name of the international terminal, station and parking lot will change from 14 March 2020.
Please check the web page "More Flights. More Fan."(opens in a separate window) for detail.

Access Wayfinding

HND Route Master helps you plan a route to your destination from the International Terminal at Haneda Airport, or obtain directions for getting to the airport, by train, monorail, bus, taxi, etc.
You can check routes, departure and arrival times and fares; enter and search for stations, hotels, tourist spots and other places you want to visit; and also select destinations from a list of major stations, hotels and facilities.
Search results suggest the most suitable travel option by train, monorail or bus. This tool provides a plain and simple guide to routes and connections between Haneda and Narita airports. HND Route Master is indispensable when traveling for business or pleasure.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 and above, the latest version of Google Chrome,Mozilla FireFox ,default web browser on Android and default web browser on iOS are recommended.

HND Route Master

Step 1. Select your destination

    • Depart from Narita International Airport
    • Arrive at Narita International Airport
    • Depart from Haneda-Airport Terminal 1
    • Arrive at Haneda-Airport Terminal 1
    • Depart from Haneda-Airport Terminal 2
    • Arrive at Haneda-Airport Terminal 2
    • Depart from
          Narita International Airport
    • Arrive at
          Narita International Airport
    • Depart from
          Haneda-Airport Terminal 1
    • Arrive at
          Haneda-Airport Terminal 1
    • Depart from
          Haneda-Airport Terminal 2
    • Arrive at
          Haneda-Airport Terminal 2

Step 2. Search the routes
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